What Is the Worst Time to Buy a Motorcycle?

If you are looking to buy a motorcycle, it only stands to reason that you should look for the best deal possible. What you will find out is that motorcycle prices do vary according to different factors.

One of the common questions people ask is about how to determine when is the worst time for buying a motorcycle.

What is the worst time to buy a motorcycle? The worst time to buy a motorcycle is during the spring and summer as this is when motorcycles will sell at the highest prices. The worst months to buy a motorcycle are generally April, May, June, July, and August, with July being the worst month to purchase a motorcycle.

Much like nearly everything in life, there will be good and bad times to make a specific purchase. However, I have found that there are some caveats that people may often overlook.

So let’s take a more detailed look at what you should know.

The worst time of the year to buy a motorcycle

The worst time to buy a motorcycle is when the demand for motorcycles is high. Naturally, this is during the driving season. The motorcycle season usually starts with the first days when the weather begins to get better after the winter—in other words, during the late spring, and throughout summer.

Since summer is the peak of the motorcycle season, many people will be looking to buy a motorcycle, and that often drives motorcycle prices up. The only advantage of buying a motorcycle during the summer is that there will be a higher selection of motorcycles, so you are more likely to find something worth buying.

During the summer, the seller will have better leverage in negotiating the price because of the higher demand, putting the buyer at a disadvantage. More people will be willing to pay the full asking price, and as a result, more motorcycles will be sold at or above their value.

What is the worst time to buy a new motorcycle?

The worst time to buy a new motorcycle is when new motorcycles come out. A new motorcycle that has just been introduced will, naturally, command higher prices because it is the newest and most appealing model. 

New motorcycles are announced during the fall and winter, but most of these motorcycles may not arrive in dealerships until the early to late spring.

Preordering a motorcycle may sometimes lead to better deals. However, from early spring, until the end of the summer may often not be a good time to purchase a new motorcycle.

When it comes to Harleys, things are not that different since they are launching new Harley-Davidson models in January and February, as opposed to late August (as they used to do).

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What is the worst time to buy a used motorcycle?

The worst time to buy a used motorcycle usually is during the spring until the peak of the summer.

In other words, this is not that much different than buying a new motorcycle.

In spring, buyers will often be aware of the approaching motorcycle season and will not be willing to accept or even consider lower than asking price offers. 

Prices for used motorcycles will start to go down with e approach of the end of the driving season. Used and older models can also be affected by the introduction of newer models.

What are the worst months to buy a motorcycle?

The warmer months or, generally speaking, as soon as the first warmer days come around is the worst time to buy a motorcycle. The worst months to buy a motorcycle are, generally speaking, April, May, June, July, and August.

And for the fellow riders living in the southern hemisphere, things will be a little different. In the southern hemisphere, things will be reversed. The worst months to buy a motorcycle will be September, October, November, December, and January.

That being said, there is a number of different factors that can affect the motorcycle prices in your area. So let’s take a look.

Factors affecting motorcycle prices

Motorcycle prices, in general, have slowly but steadily been increasing over the years. A trend that does not show any signs of stopping any time sooner. This is caused by a multitude of factors, like increasing manufacturing costs and more.

However, this is not what I want to discuss in this section. Rather I want to focus on factors that affect motorcycle prices throughout the year.

Models in high demand

Motorcycle models that are in particularly high demand will often retain their prices over longer periods and may not even be affected by the offseason drop in demand.

Sellers will just prefer to wait for the better months when they know they will get a good deal on selling their motorcycle.

This means that there may not really be the best month to buy models that are in high demand.

Local events

Depending on where you live, local motorcycle events can affect the prices of motorcycles in your area.

For example, some places will see a slight increase in motorcycle prices around bike week.

Local climate

So far, you have learned that the biggest factor affecting motorcycle prices throughout the year is the weather. Colder weather means better prices.

But what happens if you live in an area where there are no real winters, and the temperatures remain favorable throughout the year? 

If the weather is good all year round, there may not really be a motorcycle season per se. 

Motorcycles can be used all year round, and their prices will remain stable. 

Is it worth waiting for the winter to buy a motorcycle?

Now that you know when the worst time to buy a motorcycle is, you can also make a more educated guess on when the best time to buy a motorcycle is.

Generally, the best time to buy a motorcycle is during the colder months when the motorcycle season slowly comes to an end.

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Since some motorcycle can sometimes be bought between 5% to 25% cheaper during the winter season, many buyers may prefer to wait for the motorcycle season to end before they start browsing offers.

There are a few things you should consider if you are buying a motorcycle in the winter.

Buying a motorcycle in the winter will undoubtedly give the buyer an advantage in negotiating a lower price. Some sellers that are already considering selling their motorcycle would prefer to sell their motorcycle at a lower price simply because they want to cut down on the expenses associated with owning a motorcycle—that they may not be able to use—during the winter.

But this also applies to you. Not only can testing and riding a motorcycle home during the winter be more dangerous and uncomfortable, but you will also have to take into account the additional expenses like motorcycle storage, maintenance, cleaning, and insurance.

During the winter most sellers are selling only if they really have to.

And all these extra expenses—and let’s not forget that households also see an increase in utility bills during the winter—can force people to sell. This is why sellers can still make good money even if they drop the price of their motorcycle by a few hundred dollars.

Nonetheless, many sellers will understand that they just have to wait for a few months, and they will be able to sell their motorcycle at asking price. Because of this there is often a more limited selection of motorcycles, and you may not find something worth buying.

Dealers can also be more willing to lower motorcycle prices, especially if the season has been particularly bad, and they need to meet their quotas.

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Do your research. Find out how much the motorcycles you are looking for sell for.

Other riders are also well aware of the motorcycle price dynamics. You are unlikely to find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of a few days, but this does not mean you cannot eventually find your dream motorcycle at a great price.

Be patient and check the ads as often as you can—don’t rush it.

Generally speaking, buying a motorcycle in the wintertime and selling it at the beginning of spring till the end of the summer is the best practice that ensures good returns and prices.

The importance of money is undeniable, but it is more important that you get the right motorcycle for you.

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